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Attractive Prices on Professional Gerdeners Hendon

Gardening Services in Hendon the Way You Want Them

At Gardeners Hendon we have a mantra – your garden, your rules. We firmly believe that when you hire gardeners you should feel confident they are going to do what you need, the way you want it. This is why we not only provide our standard packages, but also offer bespoke services depending on your needs. That way you know exactly what you are getting, and you are guaranteed satisfaction.  We cover the whole of NW4 and beyond, so get in touch now and tell us what you need for your garden.

Gardeners Hendon Offer An Easy Way to a Tidy Garden in NW4

One of the main requests we get from our customers is to aid them with their garden maintenance, sometimes this is as straightforward as watering the plants, or doing some lawn maintenance in NW4. But even if you've got more demanding needs, we can help. We offer a diverse range of service, and can tailor them to you needs, and more importantly your garden’s needs. Thanks to our years of experience, there's hardly anything we can't help with, and because we love what we do, we'll even do it with a smile, and hopefully leave you with one too.

Amazing Garden Design in Hendon, NW4 at Astounding Prices

Always wanted to hire a landscaper to redesign your garden, but worried about the cost? Well we are here to dispel the myth that a garden landscaping Hendon project needs to be expensive. Our wide range of packages mean that everyone in NW4 can now afford to hire an expert to help them transform their garden to the magical, peaceful place they've always dreamt of. Don't let price be a barrier to your dreams anymore. Create the best garden for you with our crack team of experts there to help lead the way.

Great Tree Care When You Need It

It might not be something you need attending to frequently, but we guarantee that if you have a tree in your garden, then at some point you will need a tree surgeon. Luckily for you, you now know the name of the top tree maintenance company in NW4.We offer the complete range of tree and hedge services, so if you have any tree needs, call Hendon gardeners and talk to an expert today. We can come whenever it is convenient for you, and we can even offer regular maintenance services too.

An Effective and Efficient Way to Cleaner Patios in Hendon

Even for the most diehard gardening fan, NW4 patio cleaning Hendon comes pretty low down on the list of want to dos, so that doesn't leave much hope for the rest of us. Luckily, we have a fantastic team who do actually enjoy a good patio clean (we think it has something to do with the use of industrial machinery). But whatever the reason, if you've got a patio or driveway you'd like to make shine, we have someone who's ready to make it happen, no questions asked. Even after just one blasting session you’ll be sure to notice the difference.

Perfectly Priced Gardeners Hendon Services in NW4

A lot of people in NW4 worry about the cost of hiring gardeners, in these times of frugality it can seem like a luxury. But the fact is that with our fantastic value packages, it’s actually one of the most cost-effective ways to manage your garden. It’s a lot cheaper to hire gardeners once a week than replace all your plants once they die. Besides, having a beautiful garden where you can access nature certainly isn't a luxury; it is a necessity for health and happiness. So if you have a garden that needs some love call gardeners Hendon now – it's the best investment you can make.

Garden Clearance & Weed Killing Prices

2 gardeners x 1h OR 1 gardener x up to 2 hours of work 2 gardeners x up to  2 hours per visit Additional Hour of work Green Waste Additional Green Waste
Garden Maintenance £78 from £127 £60 for both gardeners 3 bags of green waste to be disposed (180L) included £4,5 per 60L bag
Garden Clearance £78 from £127 £60 for both gardeners 3 bags of green waste to be disposed (180L) included
£4,5 per 60L bag
Lawn Care & Repair £78 from £127 £60 for both gardeners 3 bags of green waste to be disposed (180L) included
£4,5 per 60L bag
Jet Wash Service from £4.00 sq.m (covers up to 20sq.m.) £4.00 per additional sq.m.

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